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Heavy Duty Straightner
    Motor driven straightening units equipped with set of pinch rollers supported in needle bearings & non straightening rollers are supported in needle bearings. All rollers are made from high chrome steel hardened and ground. Each roller is adjustable from control to ensure parallelism. Loop control system automatically trips the motor on and off and ensures the required stock advance per minute. Variable drive is provided to match the straightner feed accordingly to the feed of the press.

Heavy Straightner
Width Thickness Motor Power
Min. Max.
200 0.5 2.0 1.0 K.W.
1.0 K.W.
1.0 K.W.
200 1.0 3.5 1.5 K.W.
300 1.5 K.W.
400 1.5 K.W.
500 1.5 K.W.
500 1.6 5.0 2.2 K.W.

Heavy Duty Strip Straightner
Heavy Duty Strip Straightner
Preseason Thin Strip Straightner
Preseason Thin Strip Straightner

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