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     Yumi feeder eliminate all troubles, as they are fitted onto the die set. Because of there very, competitive price, it is economical to fit one feeder to each die. In fact you just need to mount the feeder on the die set and adjust the feeding stroke. You only need a few minutes for setup, and you will have automatic units ready for use at all times






How to select a feeder ?

  • Max. stroke length of your feeding
  • Max. Strokes per minute of press
  • Max. width of your strip in coil form
  • Max. thickness of your application

For viewing long video please right click on the link below and save target as on your system and then double click on it to play on your system
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Features of ‘YUMI’ feeder :
  • Material quality : All items which are subjected to sliding motion or shocks, are extra hardened or hard-chrome plated. The cylinder liners are in hardened brass.

  • Thick sliding plates : It is possible to realize special guides on the sliding plates for the feeding of special profiles. On request, hardened plated or plates in plastic strips or magnetic strips can be supplied.

  • Stroke of feed accuracy : Very strong front and rear shock absorbers guarantee a very high stroke or feed accuracy of _0.01 is assured.

  • Sliding guide rods: Strong sliding guides, hardened and ground, are used in our feeders, The feed pitch adjustment is very easy. It is enough to shift the rear stop block into the different groves on the guides.

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Feed Cycle :
  1. Press at TDC (Top dead Center) :
    • Fixed clamp opened
    • Feed clamp closed
  2. During press down stroke :
    • Fixed clamp doses
    • Feed clamp open
    • Feed damp fully retracted
  3. Press at BDC (Bottom Dead Center') :
    • Fixed damp closed
    • Feed clamp opens
    • Feed clamp fully retracted
  4. During press up stroke :
    • Fixed clamp opens
    • Feed clamp closes
    • Strip feeding beings.
Note :
  • We also design special feeders as per customer’s specification.
  • Design and specification are subject to change without notice as we are continuously improving our products.

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Solutions for Feeding & Vibratory Services also available for under mentioned Industries.
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Paper & Pulp
  • Food
  • Coal
  • Chemical
  • Foundry
  • Glass
  • Mining
  • Petroleum
  • Minerals
  • Recycling & Scraps
  • Rubber
  • Tobacco
  • Wood

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